Strange behavior I have noticed in my first few days with the application. If I have a contact that is overdue to be interacted with, the only way to get them off of my "Overdue" list is to add an event with them from the CURRENT day. If I saw them yesterday, and I add the event for yesterday, it shows that their "Last interaction" was within the last week, yet, they are still marked as overdue. If I create another event for the SAME day, it properly removes them from the "Overdue" list.
I have attached an image, as you can see, there are four contacts: Solena Barrera, Luke Vickrey, Dante Escrofani, and John Wang, who's last interaction was April 4th (yesterday) yet they are still remaining in the overdue section.
Sorry if this is not the right place for bug reports! The "Help & Support" option in the menu currently does not do anything (I submitted another feature request regarding this).
As is, the best solution I can tell is to just create all events for the current day, regardless of if they actually took place yesterday, the day before, or any day previous. This isn't ideal but it makes the Overdue feature more useful.
The product is awesome otherwise! Keep up the good work!